Paradise Gaming

Coming in 2022

The world's NEW leading online gaming company in America!

An American experience, unique, fast and flawless!

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Live Casino
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Live New Games & Shows Coming in 2022!
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New Fast Paying Slot Games
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Promotion’s Premier Gallery

Live Casino

All the tools you need to create and manage your American style promotion, without waiting or delay... the American way! Introducing the paradise promotion gallery where American style possibilities are endless.

  • American Promotions that Reward Your Customers Instantly.
  • Automatic Triggered Promotion Campaigns that Provide You with Game Data to Produce Leader Boards and Big Wins.
  • Achievement Points & Much More!

You can also reward your players with free games and send targeted push messages directly to single or multiple players in game!

Real-time rewards

Reward free games

Push button notifications

Games streaming API

The world's NEW American style live casino gaming that meets each operators exact needs with the widest selection of live table games and the most flexible approach to online and multi channel delivery.

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Live Roulette
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Live Craps
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Live Blackjack
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Live Baccarat
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Live Poker

Available on multiple platform desktop/tablet/smartphone

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About Us

We are American.

We are a new-age Las Vegas style online gaming company, that will bring a Vegas style online gaming platform experience to casino operators and customers. Our roots are groomed, developed and made in a 30-year gaming career from founder & CEO Terry Bennett - who has worked in markets from Las Vegas and Atlantic City to Pennsylvania.

With companies such as Caesar’s of Atlantic, MGM, Tropicana, Parks and Sugarhouse Casino, we have in depth experience working in table games, slots, casino marketing, game design develop manager, skills developed as dealer, manager, slot devices manager and top executive!

Our goal is to create games and an online gaming experience that is truly exceptional and that rivals real live gaming in all aspects!

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Mission Vision Values


Our mission is to help make gaming operators successful and provide an excellent user experience for their end gaming users.


To be the world's best and leading provider of online casino fun and games.


We are American!

We live and thrive with American gaming experience by pushing limits and doing what has never been done before with style, and class; totally American. We believe in a culture of openness, respect, creativity, integrity, credibility and care for others regardless if it is in relation to our customers, external stakeholders, surrounding communities or fellow Paradisers (workers).

Company Overview

Paradise develops, produces, markets, and licenses fully integrated B2B online casino solutions for casino operators. Since our new start in 2021, Paradise has become the new B2B for casino operators and its customers. The group currently employs a handful people in our new American office.

The parent company is based in North America (The United States of America, Philadelphia, PA) and it’s large surrounding area!

We pride ourselves in the following:

  • Clear Strategy for Growth
  • Active in the Fastest Growing Casino Segment
  • New Leader in B2B Provider of Live Casino Systems
  • New Leader in Exceptional Financial Track Record
  • Scalable Business Model with Significant Advantages

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USA Paradise Careers

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America’s new leading live online casino is casting for talent.

Get the best out of being a dealer / game presenter / host - deal the game in a clean and safe environment (studio) with unlimited players and unlimited tips. No experience needed to apply!

Live Gameshow Host

Introducing our immersive and largely entertaining live game shows - be the talent that drives the show!

We offer:

  • High hourly rate $$ to start (includes a base rate and guarantee tip rate - customers tips are unlimited!)
  • Paid vacation time and paid breaks.
  • Paid in house training.
  • Company assistance to obtain state gaming license
  • Work for a casino company with no smoking, alcohol, loud music and health hazards.
  • Security protected office with no physical players in the studio
  • Toast your success on treat days and holidays events.
  • Enhanced Covid 19 - safety protocols implemented to ensure a safe work environment.

We ask you:

  • No experience needed
  • We ask that you are fluent in English with a vivacious personality who can bring that little extra to the our team and player experience.

Company overview:

  • We are Paradise Gaming!!
  • We bring the best paradise experience to our players and clients.

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